Bankroll management for betting system +60%

Placing bets on the odds of 1.70 and making the next bets on the strategy only after the result of the previous bet is known-two important conditions of the 60% system. The main condition is the correct distribution of the Bank between the rates.

According to the strategy of 60%, it is necessary to put a certain percentage of the game Bank at each step:

• The first rate is 1%.
• The second rate is 4%.
• The third rate is 9%.
• The fourth rate is 24%.
• The fifth rate is 62%.

You need to move to the next step only if you lose the previous bet. After winning back to the rate of 1% of the Bank. If you lose five bets in a row, the player will lose his entire pot.

Example of a 60% strategy in sports betting

So, the game bankroll is 200 dollars. We use the algorithm of Bank division between five steps and get the following:

• The first step is a $2 bet.
• The second step is a $8 bet.
• The third step is a $18 bet.
• Fourth step – bet $48.
• The fifth step is a $ 124 bet.

Let’s assume that the first four bets did not play, and the fifth with a coefficient of 1.80 turned out to be winning. It turns out that the net profit will be: 124 × 1.80 – (2+8+18+48+124) = 23.2 dollar.

60% betting strategy: advantages and disadvantages

It is important to understand that the system +60% refers to aggressive strategies in bookmakers. It can quickly bring a good profit, but at the same time it is quite risky, because a series of five losing bets, from which no one is insured, will lead to the drain of the entire Bank. For beginners, it is definitely not suitable, it is better to pay attention to the flat management of Miller\ or look for other strategies for betting on football.

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