Betting strategy NHL: Giffen

The Jifen system is one of the most popular and simple systems in betting on NHL. The author of the strategy Jifen is a native of Canada and bets on the most popular sport in Canada, the NHL.
The whole essence of the system is to play using the tactics of arithmetic catch-up. Jifen bets on the team’s victory and form using the Dogon formula and this allows him to stay at a very good plus level.

Rate system of Giffen are divided into 3 main levels. The first level is designed for 1% of the winnings from the total bankroll. But in practice, the winning percentage can be higher. According to the latest changes in the strategy, Jifen proposes to put such a rate that the profit reaches 1.5 %.

If you lose at the first level, you need to calculate the profit from the second level so as to win back the lost 1 % and get another 1 % of the initial amount of the bankroll.
The third level is calculated and placed in the same way as the second. Here you need to calculate so as to compensate for losses from the first level and from the second level, and add another 1 % of the initial amount of the bankroll.

The author of the system claims that he has never had a situation that at the third level of the bet is not played.

This system offers a standard formula of mathematical calculation to make it easier to calculate the amount of bets on the second and third levels:

Х = (А + В) : (К – 1)


X – the amount of the bet you place at this stage.

A – the amount of 1 % of the total bankroll. This is the amount you expect to win.

B – the sum of the losing bets at the previous levels.

K – the coefficient you have chosen for the bet.

This strategy is very simple and does not require special mathematical knowledge, because even a simple working Giffen factory of building materials earns it.

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