Binary RobotV3

BinaryRobotV3 designed to trade a numeric Index Volatylity contracts at a binary options broker To run the bot you must open Internet Explorer, go to the website of the broker and log in with your username by choosing the trading account (demo or real). Next you need to choose any of the available broker Volatility Index and go to Digits. After launching the BinaryRobotV3 proceed to settings.

Settings BinaryRobotV3:

-Stake is — the Initial stake.
-Stop Loss — Allowable drawdown, reaching which the bot stops trading.
-Purchase — choosing trades ( Bay, Sell).
-Digit-a Figure forecast last decimal.
-Ticks — the Duration of the transaction (Tick)
-Time Interval-the Interval between the open transactions.
-Digit Auto — Automatic calculation of forecast decimal.
-Compounting– type martingale in winning trades.



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