Driver Indicator

The Driver indicator is an indicator based not only on moving indicators, but also on the analysis of candlestick combinations. This is due to the fact that candlestick combinations can predict the trend in advance, and not to state its continuation, as do the moving indicators. The indicator consists of… Continue reading

Genius Binary Options Indicator

With Genius Binary Options indicator signals and guaranteed strategy you’ll be able to get amazing results and trade profitably. Receive clear CALL/PUT Signals on MetaTrader4, open positions in your Binary Options Broker and WIN. 1- Receive a Trading Signal. 2- Place The Trade on Your Binary Options Broker. 3- Wait… and WIN! Note!… Continue reading

Indicator LP/LT

The LP/LT indicator is a complex system that builds demand and supply levels as well as trend dynamic levels, which allows you to receive accurate signals in the strongest parts of the market Builds PS channels and trend lines Divides levels and trend lines by force characteristics Setting different signals… Continue reading

Indicator Scalper X2

Scalper X2 is a profitable Forex indicator that gives an average of about 64% of profitable signals. Any profitable indicator requires compliance with clear rules. Work on Forex market is always associated with increased risk, as the trader may be tempted to overstate the lot or open “at random” in… Continue reading

Indicator My Holy Grail

This indicator is made professionally to predict future trend by using overbought and oversold volumes. We offer you more options to get your own accurate signals by changing the values at different time-frames.   No repainting, no recalculating No arrow winking or vanishing in the current candle Indicator gives immediate… Continue reading

Indicator Peak and Valley

The indicator Peak and Valley is a unique, professional financial instrument based on the movement of candles, which is able to predict further price changes. When the market reaches the undervalued point, blue square appears. In addition to that, when the market reaches overvalued points, red square appears. So that it shows… Continue reading

Forex Bo Grail

The indicator is designed for trading in the Forex market, as well as binary options. Forex Binary Grail has a high accuracy rate. The indicator works on any currency pair, as well as on any timeframe. The indicator is not redrawn.   Download free indicator Forex Binary Grail. Download No Deposit Bonus Continue reading