Driver Indicator

The Driver indicator is an indicator based not only on moving indicators, but also on the analysis of candlestick combinations. This is due to the fact that candlestick combinations can predict the trend in advance, and not to state its continuation, as do the moving indicators. The indicator consists of several parts, namely the system that colors the price candlesticks in red and blue, the information block that shows the direction and strength of the trend for the main pairs, as well as arrows that signal the entry into the transaction.

The indicator is very easy to use. To enter up, you need to have an arrow pointing up. To enter down, you need to have an arrow pointing down.

Examples of inputs and outputs you can see in all figures. Inputs and outputs are indicated by arrows.

The widget, which is presented in the upper left corner of the indicator, provides information about what is happening on other pairs. In addition to determining the direction of the trend, the indicator also determines the strength of the trend. This allows you to assess the situation on other pairs and assess the possibility of trading on currency cross-rates.

The indicator gives entry signals on time, at the very beginning of the trend, which allows you to get the maximum profit in the Forex market.

This indicator can be used on all currency pairs and periods. The indicator is built in such a way that it is as simple as possible to use it. The analysis of the whole system takes place inside the indicator, and the result of its work is the arrow to enter the trade.

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