How to effectively manage a Bank in sports betting

The key point in building a successful game is the effective management of the Bank. Why is it so important and what are the basic principles of competent Bank management?
It’s hard to hold back when you see a delicious “reinforced concrete” match with attractive odds. You are sure that the outcome will develop as you need, and put unforgivably large amount, although usually were careful. According to the law of meanness, the result does not meet expectations and you have to look for money to start all over again. This is just one of the unpleasant scenarios.

Today we will talk about the three most important principles of game Bank management for stable and measured work with sports betting.

Clearly define the limits of the Bank.
Take on concepts such as” upper “and” lower ” limits. When due to the successful score of the game significantly “passes” for the top frame, remove “surplus.” Make it a habit.

At the same time, determine for yourself the amount below which you can not fall. There is no guarantee that you will not lose, but this psychological setting will force you to be careful and not to risk in particularly dangerous moments.

For example, the Deposit is $ 100. Within this amount you are comfortable to play, you can” roam ” a couple of times to take a risk, but mostly to be prudent. You set an upper limit, everyone has his own, say, 150 dollars. As soon as you see this number on the account, remove 50 and start playing as if anew. If you continue to play with 150, then the head will loom, they say, I’m in the black, it’s okay, 50-free money, you can lose.

As for the lower limit, do not allow drawdown below a certain level, for example, below $ 50-60. If you go down, it is more difficult to recoup, you will begin to be nervous, to increase a rate, as a result you will lose.

Make fixed bets.
Determine in advance the amount more than which you will not bet at a time. Many players call the optimal 10% of the Bank. You won’t lose all at once. Even after losing several times in a row, you will have a chance to make up for lost.


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