Indicator Bulls Bears Signal

The indicator works according to the Dow theory, plus uses volumes and multi-timeframe analysis to build two lines, which in this algorithm are not only trend lines, but also levels for price breakout.
Thus, on the chart after installation, you will have these two lines, one shows the mood of the bears, the other shows the mood of the bulls. As part of this indicator, we are working on the breakdown of any line—level.
After the line is broken, you will receive a signal to open an order or buy an option.

Terms of trade

The indicator works on all timeframes, and the lower timeframes are as effective as the older ones. The indicator can be used on all currency pairs, as well as other assets. On binary options, it is better to put the indicator on all currency pairs on the M5 timeframe, and on Forex you can use.

Timeframes M15 and higher.

The indicator does not react strongly to the news, so fundamental analysis can not be carried out before entering the transaction, as well as the work is not affected by the trading session, but it is better to skip the morning flat.


After breaking one of the lines, you will receive an alert sound. The entrance is after the candle closes. Thus, the indicator itself performs all the analysis and you do not need to be constantly at the terminal. This indicator is a complete trading system. You can learn more and see the full description by studying my trading method on the indicator.


Download free indicator Buls Bears Signal.

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