Indicator Scalper X2

Scalper X2 is a profitable Forex indicator that gives an average of about 64% of profitable signals.

Any profitable indicator requires compliance with clear rules. Work on
Forex market is always associated with increased risk, as the trader may be tempted to overstate the lot or open “at random” in anticipation of a large profit. But you can’t do that! Trading on The scalper x2 indicator, you take the responsibility to follow the trading rules to make trading bring you joy and satisfaction!
It is work on the rules will give you a stable and constant profit at a distance. The rules of trade will be discussed below. Be sure to study them!

Money management

Minimum Deposit:$100
Recommended Deposit: from$1000
Leverage: from 1:50 to 1: 1000
The maximum loss per trade: 40 points
Maximum risk per trade (from Deposit): <=5%
Maximum position volume: 0.1 LOT per $ 1000 (0.01 LOT per$100).

In each transaction, we risk from 1 to 5% of the Deposit (if the Deposit is $ 1000, then you can risk 5 percent; if the Deposit is $ 10,000, then I recommend risking one or two percent per transaction; with such money management, it is absolutely impossible to merge the Deposit!).
If your Deposit is$ 100, you open trades of 0.01 lot
If your Deposit is $ 1000, you can open trades up to 0.1 lot If your Deposit is$ 10,000, then you can open trades up to 1 lot.
In no case can not exceed the specified maximum lots!

Rules for opening deals

Since we will trade on the M5 timeframe in the scalping mode and take from the movement from 5 to 10 points, we will not filter the signals much! But still there are some recommendations for filters:

1. The first filter-take into account trading sessions. For example, if we trade a pair of GBPUSD, it is most profitable to take signals only from 9 am to 21 PM in Moscow (that is, we do not trade early in the morning and at night, as in these hours the volatility will be very low).

2. The second filter-it is best not to trade against the first strong momentum of the MACD indicator, as signals against such momentum will often be false! An example is shown in the picture below: the first signal to Buy against the downward MACD is skipped, the second can already be taken!


Closing rules:

If you are trading on M5 or M15 timeframe:

(Data in points are for highly volatile pairs such as GBPUSD)

After opening a trade, immediately put a fixed take profit of 5-10 points and stop loss per level-10 points further from the candlestick model from which the trade was opened. Stop loss should not be more than 40 points. If the distance to the expected stop loss is more than 40 points, then we do not open the deal.

1. The close or take profit 5-10 points;
2. Or stop loss;
3. Or when the reverse signal appears;

If you are trading on M30 or H1 timeframe

Take profit of 20-30 pips
Stop loss no more than 50 points
If you are trading on H4 timeframe

Take profit 50-80 points
Stop loss no more than 80 points.

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