JSEcoin- anyone with a web browser or website can now mine cryptocurrency.

In 2017, a New JSEcoin. appeared. This is a multi-functional project in which you can simultaneously mine a coin in the browser, on your sites or using a mobile application.

Mining with a browser

Register on the site Jsecoin.com, go to the Mining section, configure the CPU load from 1-9 and start mining, you can control the process of earning JSEcoin on the movement of the schedule and statistics of production per day.

Mining using a computer application.

The application allows you to mine JSE tokens more efficiently using your desktop or laptop. Just install the app and use the settings to automatically start mining, to always earn in the background while working, playing or studying on the Internet. Recommended system requirements: 1 GB RAM, 500 MB HD, Win7 / Win 10.

Mining JSE using a mobile application.

The mobile app is currently only available for Android. The iOS version will be available soon.

Mining JSEcoin on your sites.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your site, then JSEcoin can be a great solution. Your site hosts an unobtrusive piece of code that then runs the JSEcoin miner on your visitors ‘ devices while they browse your site. This provides the hashing functionality needed to protect the blockchain, and in return you get a chance to earn JSEcoin tokens.

We believe that transparency and minimal impact on the work of your visitors is the key to the widespread use of this system. All visitors to your site will be notified and given the opportunity to opt out, and CPU usage is less than most standard video ads.

 To start earning JSEcoin

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