Progressive catch-up

Quite often, players playing on bets using the Dogon, do not even think about the question, how much exactly they want to win and when. As a rule, playing in the Dogon, the first few bets are made taking into account the big win, and in case of loss, the player simply tries to win back his money and so on.
But if you play catch-up, which is based on a mathematical progression, a very different picture emerges.Arithmetic progression took place in school: this is when each subsequent member of the progression will be different from the previous one by the same number. And in betting, where in a progression can be submitted directly to the Your winnings. For example, it will look like this: at the first bet Your winnings should be $ 10 after the second – $ 20, after the third 30 dollars and so on. Thus, after each bet Your winnings should increase by 10.e.
Immediately the question arises: what about the loss? But this is the whole point that there is no loss. We play catch-up, and in case of loss – you bet on the same event the amount that is necessary to cover the previous loss and win the amount that emerges from the arithmetic progression.

This system is expressed in a simple mathematical formula:

Amount = defeat + victory
The ratio of – 1.,

AMOUNT – the amount of the bet you make at any of the stages of the catch-up (for example, at the stage-E);
Loss-previous loss, that is, your loss for E-1 stages of the catch-up;
Win – your win, which should be obtained at this stage of the Dogon. This win is calculated using the formula: E*S, where E is the catch-up stage, and S is equal to the sum of the win for each catch-up stage;
Cal. the odds on the game (event), which dogonyaetsya.
Thus, for each game of the team (player) that you catch up, you will have a certain and always the same amount of money. As a result, it turns out that catching up with the team on the “total less” (because in this case it makes sense only to catch up with totals), no matter how many times the team will play “more” – 1 out of 10 times, or 9 times out of 10, Your winnings will still be equal to $ 100. (this is if you decide to win one game (match) for $ 10.).

The only problem here is that You have enough money that you may need to cover previous losses if the catch-up is delayed. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully determine the initial amount of the bet, based on the size of your Bank.

Of course, the most effective use of this strategy was found when catching up with several teams or even the whole championship. For example: catch up with 10 teams (players), where for each game (match) you have to have $ 3. So, after the first day of the competition and betting, if all played – you really earn $ 30. Still, the teams that have not played – then catch up. And with the right choice of players (teams), You will have a certain cash reserve, which is useful in the event that the catch-up of one of the selected teams will be delayed.
This system is considered to be one of the most optimal systems based on the Dogon, which provides quite good and as close as possible to 100% winnings.
But I want to once again remind and warn about the dangers of the game when using the Dogon, because the concept of “sufficient amount of money” everyone has his own. Therefore, getting on a long series of events other than what is catching up, and not having this “sufficient amount” – you can lose everything under the net.


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