Trading system ” method of peace “

Dear traders. Here is a mini course on the trading system (strategies) for Forex as well as binary options.
The system is based on the principles of technical analysis and trend trading, and is adapted to simple and understandable conditions. Everyone will be able to master it, both in theory and in practice.
Behind this tool are years of chart analysis and many successful forecasts’. It is not a raw, not tested product, but a finished one self-sufficient mechanism that takes control of the market, as well as it also automates your trading. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a trader ten years of experience, your results will be positive when careful study and use of the method in practice.

Entry, which will always be profitable.

99% of the time beginners and not very traders spend in search profitable trading system. Despite the huge legacy of the past and the tools that appear every day are hard to find a suitable one a strategy that is right for you. The problem is that the search indicators, strategies, expert advisors that will make a profit on Forex or binary options will never end, as your expectations will always be higher than the actual results that can show, for example, an indicator.

Add to this the complete lack of perseverance (in most cases) and lack of clear understanding that any trading system requires practice, it is always necessary to dwell on one trading strategy for a long time and only then we can talk about the results. All the more there is another moment – good systems are very, very little for Forex and especially for binary options, and often they open only after a long practices.

All these factors that prevent you from starting to earn in trading, will be able to solve the method you will learn below. This method, the approach to trade, will help you stop in search of source of earnings, reference systems and start getting profit on any financial mechanisms-Forex, binary options, stock market. Not depending on your capital, skills.
All you have to do is carefully study the system and start practice. You will understand and master it after the first transaction that you open the signal method of Peace.
The entry that will always make a profit, you will find in this approach to forecast schedule.

System setup

The system on which we will trade consists of two indicators. Install the first Bulls Bears Signal, download it for free HERE.

Click file-open data directory.
Open MQl4 folder
It contains the indicators folder
Move the indicator file there
Restart the terminal
Open Navigator (Ctrl+N) find the indicator and drag it
at the chart.
After doing these steps, which you already know, you have to the Bulls Bears Signal indicator will be displayed on the chart.

This is how it looks on the chart-two lines that fully analyze the chart in the key that we need.

A few words about him.

Technical analysis, Forex, binary options –an integral part, without it no where. Just nowhere.
Bulls Bears Signal indicator takes all the best from technical analysis, simplifies it for the trader (technical analysis is multifaceted, but in our the case on the chart will be just what you need) and properly organizes for successful forecasting.
This indicator draws two lines – one shows a bullish trend in the market, the second displays the bearish trend in the market.
Thus, we have real data of the current mood on the chart and we can enter the market on the basis of an objective balance of demand and offers (what else drives the price?). Our entry points will be based on the price interaction with these lines. For you, they (signals) will be specific, clear, unambiguous, in General, as if on a black background you saw only one white spot and immediately realized – behind it lies profit. By the way most of the strategies are dozens of white spots and you toss with thoughts “open an order or not, buy an option or not.” And for market data point entry will, sorry for the tautology, “market” that is not taken from ceiling, they will see not only you, but thousands of other traders. Technical analysis by the way is based on this.

This unique indicator allows you to:

1. Focus only on the current trends. On the chart there are always only two lines, and those that will be
bring profit.
2. Work on the breakdown of lines, experience has shown the effectiveness of this method for thousands of transactions.
3. You do not need to draw lines yourself, determine trends, every minute to view the graphs and study the technical literature analysis, if your knowledge is not enough.
4. The indicator also has a sound signal – it is us, of course, ever need.

Thus, the indicator has a number of advantages that will bring your trading maximum efficiency in terms of increasing the Deposit.

Next, our system needs another indicator.
The indicator is called Average Directional Movement Index and it is available in any terminal.
Click insert in the top menu, then indicators and select Average Directional Movement Index if it is not there, then look for another way insert-indicators-trend and there we find our Average Directional Movement Index.

Press menu setting up the display style of the two lines, +DI and –DI, put here your colour.

Go to the “parameters” tab and here we also change the display style of the third indicator line, in the parameters tab its name not appear. The third line is called ADX.

After that, click ” OK ” and the indicator will be added to the basement of our chart.

So, the Average Directional Movement Index indicator has three lines, and it is + DI it is responsible for the up trend; – DI it is responsible for the down trend and ADX it shows the strength of any trend.

These three lines are now displayed on our chart and each corresponding color. Remember it.

“Read” indicator is quite simple:

-If +DI is higher than-DI, and the ADX line is directed upwards, then the price is considered to be
go up.
– If-DI is higher than + DI and the ADX line is directed upwards (as in the first case), then the price is considered to go down.

It is very clear and at the same time quite effective. The Average Directional Movement Index is one of the strongest indicators standard indicators and at the same time it is easy to work with it.
Most importantly it is great for our system.

Trading system

We have two indicators on the chart.
The first is to determine the entry points of Bulls Bears Signal.
The second for the final signal filter is the Average Directional Movement Index.
It remains only to form the exact rules of entry into the transaction.
Let’s do it.

Buy signal

The price breaks one of the lines of the Bulls Bears Signal indicator from the bottom up. As once that happens, you will get a beep.
Next, we need to wait until the second candle also closes above the line, which was breached. That is, the price should not go beyond the line again.
And while we wait for confirmation (closing of the second candle), we look at indicator Average Directional Movement Index which acts as filter’s.
The +DI line must be above the-DI line. Lines should be far away from each other, in other words-line +DI should aim up and line
– DI should aim down. The third line is the ADX should also strive up, as strong as the line +DI and be as close to
lines +DI, ideally slightly whether not merge with it. If Average Directional Movement Index also confirms that the price will go up we enter the deal after the candle closes.
It should also take into account that after breaking the Average indicator Directional Movement Index can confirm the trend after closing not the second and the third candles, sometimes after fourth. If so, we are all the same
included in the deal. It is not necessary to enter into the transaction immediately after the breakout the lines of the Bulls Bears Signal indicator are the most important to wait  confirmations from the Average Directional Movement Index indicator. You are no one not rushing in this plus system. Got the signal, went up to the terminal, we waited for confirmation from the basement indicator.

We summarize the entrance to the purchase.

-Price breaks the line of the Bulls Bears Signal indicator from the bottom up
-Waiting for the second candle to close above the broken line
-The Average Directional Movement Index +DI and –DI indicator lines are strong the ADX line is directed upwards and close to the +DI line
-If, after the close of the second candle indicator Average Directional Movement Index does not give a clear picture waiting for the closure of the next candles.

So, it seems complicated, so let’s look at the examples, and everything becomes clear.
Look at the screenshot below.

The price has broken the line (then you will receive an audio message-signal) next, look at the basement indicator Average Directional Movement Index.
The line +DI began to move up from the line-DI and the ADX line rushed up and eventually merged with the line +DI, an excellent entry into the market. Here we went after the closing of the third or fourth candle.

Here we would have entered after the close of the second candle. Lines +DI and-DI excellent dispersed and the ADX line as strongly goes up as well as the line +DI, it virtually is on it.

Similar situation. The price broke the line of the Bulls Bears Signal indicator. The Average Directional Movement Index +DI and –DI indicator lines diverged a the ADX line is strongly directed upwards and as a result almost merged with the line +DI. Here we would enter at the close of the second or third candle.

The price broke through Bulls Bears Signal. The lines +DI and-DI diverged a lot, and the line ADX is directed upwards, as much as the line +DI-enter the trade on the closure of the second candle.

Already at the breakout of the first candle we see as the Average Directional indicator The Movement Index shows that the price will really go up. But we are still waiting for the second candle to close above the line and enter the trade.

The price broke the Bulls Bears Signal line . Lines of the basement indicator +DI and – DI strongly dispersed, and the ADX line even merged with the +DI line. Entry after the close of the second candle.

Sell signal

-The price breaks the line of the Bulls Bears Signal indicator from top to bottom.
-Waiting for the second candle to close below the broken line.
-The Average Directional Movement Index-DI and +DI indicator lines are strong the ADX line is directed upwards and close to the-DI line.
-If, after the close of the second candle indicator Average Directional Movement Index does not give a clear picture waiting for the closure of the next candles.

The price broke the Bulls Bears Signal line. The –DI line far away from the +DI and the line ADX is almost on the –DI line. Here we would enter at the closing of the second candles.

Note that when a sell signal is received, the line-DI is above the line +DI, in the examples above, the purchase was the opposite. And the ADX line under all types the signal should be directed upwards as it does not show the direction of the trend, and shows its strength.

100% signal

In any trading system, there are signals that are much stronger another. In technical analysis, for example, such signals are mirrored levels, the entrance with the trend after flat correction, the figure wedge etc.

My method is no exception.

In it stronger signals differ here is than Already on the first or second broken candle, the line of the basement indicator differed greatly, but most importantly, the ADX line has merged or almost merged with the +DI or –DI or hurt them. On nutshell again difficult.
Considered example.

Look at the ADX line (white, if you remember) it almost merged with – DI, here you can safely enter after the first candle.

What is to be feared

First of all, beware of large impulse candles that punch line, such a candle with abnormally large body you from time to time you will meet. She usually ruins everything. It is better to skip this signal

In principle, other factors, such as news, the specifics of currency pairs, timeframes do not play any role. By the way on timeframes such excellent signals, which we described above, are found at all time frames.
In addition, it is worth noting that the intraday trading the session also does not matter, but it is better not to start trading early mornings.
The rest of the system is very flexible, so you need to concentrate only on the signals themselves.

Forex or binary options

Money management method one. That is, you do not need to use martingale, averaging, or any other way to Excel,
to make a profit on the system. On the other hand, the system works absolutely on all timeframes, as well as on any assets. Therefore this method can be used that Forex that binary options. You can also say so-if you do not perceive binary options seriously and think that there is no stable for many years of getting profit, that this system can radically change your representation, it binary options will be for you this serious, let’s say, work with a constant increase in profits.
If you like Forex, but it seems difficult for you, then this Forex system you will quickly learn, as trading on it is on
the classical scheme of opening an order and setting a stop and profit. In other words, on Forex you should enter the market with a market order, stop loss can be set for high or low of the candle, after which we entered market. Take profit set two/three times more than stop, you can just use the trawl. This is a template method of trading on this
system if you do not have your own control mechanism deals. Timeframe takes from M15 and above. It is not necessary to trade only on higher timeframes.
On binary options, the best timeframe will be M5, the expiration period is 30 minutes’. We enter a fixed rate of 2-5% of the Deposit without application doubling, and without it you will receive a profit.


Use my trading method in practice and you will learn it easily and obtained result. I have given you the basic rules of trading in my method, or what not aside. The system is quite soft, but at the same time very effective, in its simplicity hidden high potential.
Success will come to you if you do not make the same mistakes – drop the case halfway. No need to jump from branch to branch, maybe when you find a better system of this, not even possible, but exactly, perhaps you have already behind their achievements and their experience or view. But while you should try my method, I’m sure in the future it will be yours the main source of profit.



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