TTS Trend Trader System 2019

The TTS system is not a miracle that will make you a millionaire. It is necessary to follow simple rules to become earning.

The system includes licensed indicators developed for the MT4 platform.


It uses a special algorithm to find trend change zones at an early stage, as well as to determine the points of resumption of the current trend before a strong movement.

Task in the system:
give the trader visual information about the status of the trend: up/down/flat..


the indicator finds the key levels online and shows them on the trader’s chart without delay and redrawing. It can be adjusted for any timeframes from M1 to W1.

Task in the system:
show the trader the key supply and demand levels to open a position.


A signal indicator that shows the entry point on the correction.

Task in the system:
Timely notify the trader about the upcoming strengthening of the current trend (completion of the correction).
Before strengthening the trend, an arrow of the corresponding color appears: green — up, red-down.
A trader, having received a signal, opens a trend trade with a probability of signal processing of 70%.


Identifies the key pivot points of a trend.

Task in the system:
show the key points of the current trend termination/stop to the trader with arrows. In this case, the trader closes the deals opened by the trend and enters the reversal.




You can see all the information on one chart and on one timeframe.
This will allow you to get away from fear and indecision before entering the market.
Within 2-3 minutes after loading the chart, you will realize whether you will have a trade or not, where to enter and exit the position.

Free download TTS Trend Trader System

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